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The Top Pedal Makers!

My idea was to get my pickups in the hands of some of the top guitar effects pedal designers so that I could get valuable feedback from them.

In the beginning. . .

"I want you to be inspired to sit and play for hours on end, lost in the notes.  .  ."


Our pickups are warrantied for life to the original purchaser. Abuse, modification and normal wear and tear isn’t covered. If something comes up, contact us first. You will need to pay for shipping here and back. We will decide whether to repair or replace as needed.


Highly recommend this set! Might be the best traditional Jazzmasters® ever.

Jamie Stillman, Founder Earthquaker Devices

This Bygone Tele® set is awesome, by the way.

Brian Wampler, Founder Wampler Pedals

These Firebird® pickups are magical! They are never coming out!

Josh Scott, Founder JHS Pedals

It sounds full bodied, balanced and super articulate. (About the Scorched Earth humbucker)

Steve Brewer, Orion Amplifiers

Seriously man, this guitar has a real voice. Shocking given how ordinary it was before.

Joshua Winget, Music Editor

Great job! These pickups are nothing short of inspiring. And, for pickups to be called inspiring, that should be saying something.”

Michael Karriker, Karriker Customs

These are the perfect P Bass pickup. Everything you want in a vintage P, plus punch and clarity.

Daniel Childs, Rumblin Man

The Crystal Palace humbucker is like crack, now I don't want to use anything else!

Brian Gower - The Tone Jerks Podcast