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Bygone Jazzmaster 63' pickup.
Bygone Jazzmaster 63' pickup.
Bygone Jazzmaster 63' pickup.

Bygone 63' Jazzmaster

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We have a certain customer that is, shall we say, "specific" about his Jazzmaster™ tones, (Hi Anthony!) He recommended we research the 1963 black bobbin pickups as one of the "holy grail" pickup sets. After doing a lot of research, we narrowed down the wind recipe and prefered magnets to AlNiCo 2 and about 8k in the neck and 8.5-8.7k in the bridge. 
Then we happened to ask Mike Adams (Puisheen), what his ideal Jazzmaster pickup would be and he said, "AlNiCo 2 magnets with 8k neck and 8.7k bridge.

So that's what we made.

This set is reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancellation in the middle position.

Neck 8k DCR

Bridge 8.7k DCR

Vintage Output