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In the beginning. . .

Me and Seymour Duncan

Hello all,

Mike here from Sonic pickups. I want to welcome you to my store and say thanks for stopping by.
This is a landmark moment for me as to get here was quite a journey. A journey that is still surprising me every day. We are about to embark on what I hope will be a new relationship with each and every one that buys my pickups. I have big plans for my little company, I hope you stick around to see it grow.
My goal isn't to be the biggest pickup maker in the world, I just want to be one of the best pickup makers in the world. I want you to love what I do, so you are unafraid to share what you do. I want you to be strong and daring, to find your voice and to not stop sharing it. Mostly, I want you to be inspired to sit and play for hours on end, lost in the notes as that is where the magic lies. 

So be bold and be beautiful and most important, just be.  

Michael S. Pack
Sonic Pickups

P.S. That's me with Seymour Duncan, one of the coolest guys around.

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  • Best of luck! You are going to rock now that you got the store up and running!

    Eric Johnson

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