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Glacier T's Tele® Set

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Brian and Kyle of the Tonejerks podcast contacted us looking for a custom set of special low output Tele® pickups. When we were finished with the set, we liked them so much that we added them to the line! Smooth, clear and detailed with the perfect amount of punch. AlNiCo 3 magnets in the neck with A5's in the bridge. 

We chose a reverse wind, reverse polarity for this set as we felt it gave more options. They are also wax potted to minimize microphonics. If you would like a same wind, same polarity set or maybe an unpotted set for some crazy reason, just let us know when you order. All our Tele® sets can be wired with three wires on the neck pickup for four way and five way shipping options.

Neck 5k DCR
Bridge 5.5k DCR

Vintage/Low Output.