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About Us

Hello all! 

My name is Mike and I love making pickups.That's not an exaggeration. Building pickups and sharing my passion for guitars and guitar electronics with my customers is one of the best things in the world to me. Being able to "talk shop" is a pleasure that always leads to what got us all here in the first place anyways, music. There are few things that can connect people faster than sharing music. Even if yours and my taste may be very different, you can always find the mutual respect for the passion.
So what is it about pickups? I love designing, testing, and building them. From getting the initial idea, to swapping out components until everything is just right and finding the right balance in the coils. Pickups let you be heard. They can help your guitar sing like an angel or roar like a beast. They smooth out the peaks or drive them skyward. I love being a part of the musical journey and of making something that may inspire you to play more. If I've done my job right and you connect with my products, you may not want to put the instrument down. To me, it is perfection. Making something that you can get lost in for hours. 

So that is the goal, to make products that make people want to play.   

Michael S. Pack
Sonic Pickups