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Street Fighter humbucker pickup.

Street Fighter - Humbucker Set

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This humbucker is a combination of all the best parts of classic and medium gain rockers! (Don't let the DCR fool you!) With its unique wind and magnet combination you will find endless hours of inspiration either on the stage or practicing in your "man cave." 

Like all our pickups, it is hand wound using only the best durable modern poly coated copper magnet wire with a pure nickel baseplate, brass screws and a special cast AlNiCo 4 magnet. Hand winding gives this pickup a unique sound that can't be duplicated. 

Whether its classic rock or doom metal, this pickup just sounds great, no matter what you do with it. Alnico 4 magnets in both the neck and bridge. Comes in a matched set or individually.

Neck 8k DCR
Bridge 13k DCR

Medium/High Output