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Cultist humbucker
Cultist humbucker pickup.
Cultist humbucker pickup.
Cultist humbucker pickup
Cultist humbucker

The Cultist - Humbucker Set

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This special set began life as a "secret menu" item. (Yes we do that.) However, the people that heard them all agreed they are far too good to keep secret! 
So world, The Cultist set, Cultist set, the world.
Big, bold and beautiful. Delicate when needed and roaring when allowed. This set is made with a special cast AlNiCo 4 in the neck and AlNiCo 8 in the bridge which is one of the best combinations out there. Full control at the touch of the volume pot. Extremely versatile, this set really lets you throttle the engines! 

Neck 8k DCR

Bridge 10k DCR

Modern Output.