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Tele, telecaster, fender, Pre-Wired Harness.

Tele "Mini Pot" Pre-Wired Harness

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Some guitars and basses made overseas are simply not routed for full sized potentiometers. This means if you want to use high quality components, you would need to remove wood! A costly endeavor.
Now you can upgrade the cheap electronic components in your instrument without removing any wood, and still get high quality parts.

Bourns 250k Smooth Shaft x2

Oak Grigsby 3 way blade switch w/ black tip x1

.047uf SoZo 500v NexGen Mustard Vintage x1

1/4” Switchcraft #11 Monojack x1

Gavitt Pushback Wire Black x24"

Gavitt Pushback Wire White x24"


*Will require USA standard sized knobs and may require drilling larger holes for the pots to 3/8" if it was manufactured outside of the US.