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Sonic Cables - 9v Adapter To Pedal DC cable.

Sonic Cables - 9v Adapter To Pedal DC

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These are our custom, handmade 9v adapter cables. Perfect for every gigbag. If you have power issues with your pedalboard, this will allow you to use that crucial 9v, center negative DC powered pedal in a pinch. 
Also excellent if you only want to use a single pedal that does not have a built 9v battery compartment or don't want to haul your entire pedalboard with you. Another great use, is when you need to quiet down a noisy pedal while recording. Lots of uses! 
Make sure your pedal is marked with a similar symbol as below. Most 9v pedals are DC center negative polarity, but it doesn't hurt to check.
5.5 x 2.1mm with barrel detent, (helps it stay put in the DC jack.)
9v adapter cable center negative logo.