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Pistolero Tele pickup.

Pistolero - Tele® Set

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This Tele® set started as a special request from Colt Westbrook of Walrus Audio. He wanted to be able to push his guitar a little "more" than the available stock pickups. He wanted more rich dynamics that could still deliver full throttled thick tone!
After quite a bit of testing, we landed on this set which we liked so much, we added them to our product line.   

So if you want to be able to blast your way through a crowded mix, holster this set into your favorite "plank!" 

We chose a reverse wind, reverse polarity for this set as we felt it gave more options. They are also wax potted to minimize microphonics. If you would like a same wind, same polarity set or maybe an unpotted set for some crazy reason, just let us know when you order. 

Make sure to choose which neck pickup mounting option you would like. 

Neck 7.3k DCR
Bridge 8.5k DCR

Vintage/Hotter Output.

Here is an excellent demo by Perfecto De Castro showing many of the tones you can get with this set. (Song plays immediately.)