Build time for all custom orders is THREE WEEKS due to current orders. That's all switch tips, pre-wired harnesses and pickups. Thanks for understanding!

Cthulhu humbucker pickup.
Cthulhu t-shirt logo.

Cthulhu - Humbucker

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PronouncedKa-THOO-loo.” This is the “great Old One” whom travels from world to world when the stars are right and lies dormant at the bottom of the Pacific ocean neither dead or alive.

In other words, this pickup is a monster. Heavy…articulate…dynamic. Only you can decide if you are ready to face one of the “old gods.”

Designed for pure, high gain mayhem with its special wind of modern super tough poly copper wire, dual rows of low carbon steel slugs, sand cast AlNiCo 8 custom magnet in the bridge, AlNiCo 4 in the neck and blackened parts darker than facing eternity on the precipice of forever!

And that is dark.  .  .  

Also, it comes in any color you want, as long as its black.  (Just Kidding!)

Neck 13.9k DCR

Bridge 16.3k DCR