Build time for all custom orders is THREE WEEKS due to current orders. That's all switch tips, pre-wired harnesses and pickups. Thanks for understanding!

Rattlesnake Specials - Texas Blues Single Coil pickup.
Rattlesnake Specials - Texas Blues Single Coil pickup.

Cottonmouth Specials - Warm and Smooth Single Coil Set

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We wanted to see how warm and smooth we could get a single coil set to sound without sacrificing clarity and dynamics.  So we started with our special cast AlNiCo 2 magnets, added steel plates to all three pickup bottoms for a slight bump in the lower mids and wound them to the same specs and techniques we use with our Rattlesnake Specials.

Only the best, vintage correct heavy Formvar magnet wire, A2 
magnets, cloth pushback wire and vulcanized fiber bobbins. The middle pickup is reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancelling in the 2 and 4 switch positions. If you prefer that all the pickups have the same wind direction and polarity like the originals, just tell us when you place the order.

5.6k DCR Neck
5.7k DCR Middle
5.8k DCR Bridge

Vintage Output