Current build time for pickups is about three weeks. If you need pickups sooner, let me know in the order "Notes" during checkout.

Bygone 64 single coil pickup.
Bygone 64 single coil pickup.

Bygone '64- Vintage Wound Set

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The Bygone Coil '64 set is the first of our vintage single coil reproduction series. Starting with the same spec's used to make the originals, we carefully craft each coil. We think these pickups drip with vintage vibe and tone. Only the best materials and components are used in each handmade coil. From the special cast AlNiCo A5 magnets with handmade bevels, to the clarity of the Heavy Formvar copper wire and the vulcanized fiber bobbin material.

We chose to make our sets "calibrated", meaning the neck, middle and bridge are wound to have balanced output when switching. We also chose to make the middle pickup reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancelling in the 2 and 4 switch positions. If you prefer that all the pickups have the same wind direction and polarity like the originals, just tell us when you place the order.

Neck 5.8k DCR

Middle 6k DCR

Bridge 6.2k DCR

Vintage Output.