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Bygone Jazzmaster pickup.
Bygone Jazzmaster pickup.
Bygone Jazzmaster pickup.

Bygone 1965 Jazzmaster

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A unique entry into the classic single coil world of the offset.

There has been a rediscovery of late in the world of offset guitars. All the sudden they are "cool" again. We think they have always been cool, and that is why we put so much love into our vintage wound Jazzmaster® pickups. Just as Mr. Forrest White, who designed the first offset for Fender®, we use only the best and most accurate parts and materials. Our special cast, AlNiCo A5, individually charged magnets and heavy formvar copper wire, wound a touch hotter in the bridge, help you dig in and soar with these beauties. 

This set is reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancellation in the middle position.


Neck 6.5k DCR

Bridge 8k DCR

Vintage Output

Here is a couple videos of the pickups in action.

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