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Bygone 59 humbucker pickup.
Bygone 59 humbucker pickup.

Bygone 59' - Humbucker

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Mr. Seth Lover applied for his humbucker patent working for Gibson back in 1955 (he was awarded it in 1959.) Since then, the humbucker changed the musical landscape.

This is our version of Mr. Lover’s classic invention. The invention that helped make the 1959 Les Paul one of the most coveted guitars in history. We use components sourced as close to the originals as we could get. Butyrate bobbins, custom rough cast- long magnets, eight hole pure nickel baseplates, low carbon keeper bars and the original maple spacers.

We hope you enjoy it’s classic and sought after tone as much as we enjoy making it.

Neck 6.6k DCR

Bridge 7.7k DCR

Vintage Output.

*Only black and cream bobbins are butyrate as no one makes butyrate bobbins in any other colors. Butyrate does not have the same shiny look as standard ABS bobbins. It tends to be a bit duller and shows more surface irregularities even when brand new. 

Here is Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum testing a set.