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Bygone Tele pickup.

Bygone Big 50's Tele Set

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For that Tele® twang with a bit more fatness and warmth in the bridge, our Big 50's really fit the bill Daddy-O!
This is part of our Bygone™ Series of vintage inspired pickups with the bridge being a bit hotter wound like it was done during the 50's down in Fullerton. 
Like all our Bygone series, they are wound to vintage specs by hand, just like when they were made in Leo's shop, back in the day, with every component carefully chosen. From the two different magnets wires and the special cast magnets to the vulcanized fiberboard and the steel baseplates, these pickups have the shake, rattle and roll that will help your tone stand out.  

We chose a reverse wind, reverse polarity for this set as we felt it gave more options. They are also wax potted to minimize microphonics. If you would like a same wind, same polarity set or maybe an unpotted set for some crazy reason, just let us know when you order. 

Make sure to choose which neck pickup mounting option you would like. 

Neck 7.5k DCR
Bridge 7.7k DCR

Vintage/Hotter Output.