Sonic Pickups Special P90 pickup.

Special P90

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The P90 is one of those pickup designs that is iconic. It works equally well for creamy vintage tones and cranked punk. No matter what you play, you can find a tone that shines.
These are not like your typical vintage P90's. They have a big, full sound with excellent detail that is achieved in an unconventional way. We think they are pretty special and will help you stand out. Give them a listen and see for yourself.
Dual, special cast, AlNiCo A5's in each pickup, individually charged with single Poly coated  copper wire, all nickel baseplates and vintage specific screws add to their authentic tone. 
This set is reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancellation in the middle position.

Neck 5.4k DCR
Bridge 7k DCR

Vintage/Hot Output.